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XHub VPN Services Configuration

Using industry standard IPSec VPN tunnels, AHDS can help your organization make fast, reliable connections to the right information at the right time.

Connecting to the AHDS XHub Network from an individual computer using your broadband Internet connection requires additional software to setup and manage the connection. We support the following IPSec software packages:

FortiClient - Windows

IPSecuritas - Mac OS X

If you already have your own IPSec client software here are the base parameters for the tunnel:

Phase 1

  1. Remote IPSec Device: Enter VPN Parameter: Remote Device ex:
  2. Preshared Key: Enter VPN Parameter: Preshared Key
  3. Exchange Mode (Initiator): set to "Aggressive"
  4. Enable NAT-Traversal
  5. Proposal:
    1. Lifetime: 28800 seconds
    2. DH Group: 1536 (Group 5)
    3. Encryption: AES 256
    4. Authentication: SHA-1
    5. Proposal Check: Obey
    6. Nonce Size: 16

Phase 2

  1. Local Proxy ID: set to "Host" or
  2. Remote Proxy: set to "Network" with VPN Parameter: Network Address ex: and Network Mask: Enter VPN Parameter: Network Mask ex: 24
  3. Proposal:
    1. Lifetime: 3600 seconds
    2. DH Group: 1536 (Group 5)
    3. Encapsulation: ESP
    4. Encryption: AES 256
    5. Authentication: SHA-1


  1. Local ID: type: "User FQDN", value: VPN Parameter: Tunnel ID
  2. Remote ID: type: "Address"
  3. Auth Method: XAuth with PresharedKey
  4. Username: Enter VPN Parameter: Username
  5. Password: Use: VPN Parameter: Password

AHDS support will have provided a set of configuration parameters including a username and password to allow you to connect to the XHub Network. Please contact us if you have any trouble getting connected.