AHDS offers three services specifically for Medicare health care providers.

AHDS offers our Web Portal for providers to perform Medicare Eligibility Verification. Using a secure connection to our system, your personnel can enter in basic patient information and get back an eligibility response in less then three seconds.

  • Real-time and Batch File Upload capability
  • Secure AES 256-bit encrypted portal
  • Multi-level access control
  • Can be used from any web browser
  • Overall lower operational costs for Eligibility Verification

Why should I perform Medicare Eligibility?
Reduced Costs - Statistics show that 1 out of every 10 claims submitted to Medicare are rejected. This results in an average of close to $15,000/year of denied claims.

What are some of the benefits of using the AHDS Web Portal?
  1. There is no need for fixed leased line/router/DSU/CSU equipment.
  2. There is no phone line for the router. (Average phone line cost $40.00/month)
  3. There are no risks to service interruption due to disasters, or damage to the leased line. If you have internet access you can continue getting CMS eligibility information.
  4. No more over-spending for an under-utilized leased line.
  5. No multiple user ids for each person. (User IDs within some systems can cost $15/month)
What kind of security controls are available?
Our access controls give you the ability to control network and data level access to the functions of the web portal.
  1. Logins to the portal can be restricted to a specific range of Internet addresses.
  2. User accounts can be given access to only certain functions and even certain provider IDs