AHDS offers three services specifically for Medicare health care providers.

ADHS is the Network Service Vendor of choice for Medicare Eligibility connectivity. As a leader in the field, our focus on security and speed of data transmittal means you are able to dependably meet the ever increasing demands of Medicare claims and eligibility.

The key to providing such a rapid response time is the value we place on enhancing our security. We are committed to consistently providing a secure environment in which to host your transactions. Our ability to consistently improve our process ensures a quick and seamless interface for users and administrators.

Leave your dial-up modem behind with these connectivity options:
  • FTP - file claims with all Medicare Administrative Contractors
  • DDE/FISS, TN3270/green screen sessions
  • HETS (HIPPAA Eligility Transaction System) verification
  • IPSec VPN Tunnels - site to site secure connections using your existing internet connection
  • Improve profit potential based on enhanced claim processing time and dependability of information
  • Budget friendly Eligibility Verification
  • Real time claims status
  • Improve profit potential with enhanced claim processing time and data dependability.