Welcome Noridian Providers!

  • Some of you that still use a modem and dial into Noridian to send your claims are experiencing connectivity difficulties. That's why you clicked on the Noridian link to AHDS.
  • Some of you may also have seen comments from Noridian's EDI Support Services (EDISS) as to the end of "modem" connectivity and that's why you are here!

AHDS is an authorized Noridian Connectivity Vendor.

AHDS will provide you a simple, quick and very convenient method of connecting to Noridian simply using your Internet browser.

Medicare Connectivity

No longer do you need a modem and slow dial up connections!

View and edit current status of your claim in real-time via AHDS' connection to your Medicare Data Centers Simply using your web browser you can "drag and drop" files from your computer to Noridian and from Noridian to your computer. Simple! Click here for a demonstration of how easy it is to use.

Connection Demo

If you are familiar with DDE/FISS, etc., you can do exactly the same functions over the Internet using AHDS connection to your Medicare data Centers. Just as you do now with DDE/FISS TN3270/green screen processes, real time claim status and claim correction can be done using AHDS' secure connection to your Medicare payer.

No longer do you need a dialup account, a modem and tying up a phone line. No longer do you need an expensive leased-line connection.

DDE - Claims Status

Does your organization know how to check the status of submitted Medicare claims? Let us show you how to view the current status of your claim and correct it in real-time. Connect to your Medicare payer over a secure connection without the need for a dial-up line and shorten the time to process your remittance.

Please contact us to learn more about claim status/correction.

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Eligibility Verification

AHDS Web Portal allows providers to perform Medicare Eligibility Verification. Using our secure connection, your personnel can enter in basic Patient Information and get back an eligibility response.

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Consulting Services

Health care technology can be a complex web of relationships for getting and sending the right information. Our personnel have over 40 years experience in making the right connections, let us help!

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